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WooThemes 30% off sale ends Today

Today (Friday 28th September) is the last day to claim 30% off WooThemes themes and WooCommerce extensions. I know from experience that WooThemes don’t have sales very often, so make sure you jump on this while you can. Full details are available in their post here — WooCommerce is 1 this week — or head over to SeeThemes to browse WooThemes themes. If you already know which theme you want, head straight to WooThemes.


Top 5 Community Magazine WordPress Themes on ThemeForest

ThemeForest is one of the leading providers of premium WordPress themes online. They have an awesome selection of magazine themes built by some very creative individuals, if you know where to look. I recently discovered the magic search word which reveals pages of brilliant magazine designs which a lot of people overlook. Contrary to what you might think the search word is not ‘magazine’.

Before I reveal the word, let’s have a look at the top 5 themes I found on ThemeForest using this search.

1. Vectors

Certainly my favourite of the bunch. I actually own and use this one and can vouch for it’s ease of use. Made by Maximus, who is an absolute legend at ThemeForest and features 4 times in the list – purely because he makes great templates.

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2. ZillaPress

In truth themes 2 to 5 are all great and could each have secured the second spot. I gave it to this one just because it has a slightly tighter setup than most, and it’s just so clean.

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3. Premium Magazine

A brilliant looking theme that could be used for all sorts of websites, although Apple really seems prominent in this theme. Best part is there are only 200 other purchasers so the chances of seeing this in the wild anywhere else are slim.

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4. Collective

A lot of the magazine themes produced by Maximus have similar content layouts, but why change a good thing? They are the cleanest content layouts going and this theme shows it again.

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5. Convergence

This is probably the oldest WordPress magazine theme of the bunch but it still makes the list as it is just timeless. It has the most sales by far, soaring towards 2000, and that is the only reason it bottoms the list, as it is an otherwise flawless design.

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You might have guessed by now, but if you haven’t you will need to use the keywords ‘community wordpress‘ to dig out these great themes, and more like them, on ThemeForest. Perhaps not the most obvious term but when you think about the context of building a great community around your online content, it makes sense. These themes have a real focus on great experiences for your users, and that will certainly pay dividends in the long run.

Do you have a favourite community WordPress theme or know of any other great themes on ThemeForest? Let me know in the comments below. If you just want to chat or need help finding or choosing a theme you can get in touch with us via Twitter, @seethemes.

Welcome to Theme Stop

I will reveal a little more information in time, but for now please take a look at the first few of our top theme collections.